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Souki has been tattooing since 2020.

The first 2 years of her journey, she struggled to find her style, but now she's finally found her place.

With cute, colourful, childlike drawings she wishes to bring a little bit of joy into peoples lives, and for those who still want cute things but no bright colours, the designs can also be done in black & grey!
Her favourite things to tattoo are animals wearing collars and hats, but any funky idea is welcome! 

A few facts about Souki:

- she once shaved her head just to dye wacky patterns on it
- she grew up with about 10 cats and prefers them over humans
- she's so ridiculously obsessed with fishsticks that she named her cat after it
- her hair has a new colour every month
- she once got 20 tattoos in 1 year

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 13.41.50.png


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